A Complete Travel Guide to GOA Beach

The first thing you will want to do is rent a scooter because walking sucks (lots of honking and big buses practically sideswiping you) and it is next to impossible to do things if you only walk.

There are beaches in Goa that have swaying palm trees, clear waters, and even secret trails that will awaken one’s sense of exploration. There are also beaches in the said state that cater to party lovers as there are a number of bars and night clubs for drinking sprees and dancing aficionados. Each and every Goan beach has also been the perfect holiday destination in Goa because of the various water sports that people can enjoy such as fishing, river rafting.

Aside from beaches, Goa also boasts of temples and churches that make tourists open their mouths in amazement – after all, wonderful architecture is indeed showcased by those edifices. Most people also get to marvel at old houses that have never lost their charm despite being built centuries ago. The said houses still reflect Indo-Portuguese culture even if most of the parts have been dilapidated due to the passage of time. The Basilica is also regarded as a famous holiday destination in Goa.

Goa beach

Go to the Beach

Going to the beach is a fun thing to do in Anjuna, Goa, India. Popular beaches include Vagator, Baga, Little Vagator, Spaghetti Beach, and Ashwem. Free sunbeds with cushions under grass huts or shaded by sun umbrellas await you. Bring a towel or sarong to lay on, at least 200 rupees and of course your mixing bowl, rolling papers, tobacco and a lighter. Once you sit down, a friendly waitperson will arrive to take your order. Choose from an array of fresh juices and possibly some food. Vendors come around and give you a soft sell. Bargain for anything that involved fabric, and just pays the asked price for fruit and coconut juice. The sunsets are nice, spectacular ones are uncommon.

Express train service also available from Delhi. Watch out from pickpockets. This is the cheapest option for budget travelers.

By Air

You can reach here by airplane. Some airlines reach directly at Goa airport. However, an International visitor comes via Mumbai airport. Most cities offer daily flights to Goa. You can take a flight from Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai. Kingfisher Airlines, SpiceJet, Jet Airways, Indian Airlines, Air Deccan, Indigo and GoAir are most airline companies that offer domestic flights from major cities.

Get Around

Tourists can rent scooters & motorcycles from here. Daily rent starts from Rs. 150- Rs. 250. They do not give any helmets.


Some rental company offers jeeps; if you come with family or friends then you should rent a jeep from here. Some jeeps come with an open roof which tourists enjoy Goa scenic views. The rental range starts from Rs. 700 – Rs. 800 a day.


You can also take local buses to travel to different beaches & famous attractions in Goa. Fare can vary. The conductor who takes the tickets from the passenger, it will charge fare according to your destination.

Another reason why Goa is visited by so many people almost all year long is how vibrant the nightlife in Goa is.