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SIFU "Taifu"(Great Free Wind) Eyal Ophir
Brings Shaolin Chuan Kung Fu to Israel
from the secret training court yard inside the
ancient Shaolin Temple in Honan province,China

Sifu "taifu" and his monk master Shi Yan Sheng(34th generation of shaolin warrior monks) at the pagoda forest During the winter( 2001)
Training in the Shaolin Temple



TAIFU has been practicing martial arts since the age of 7.
Over the past three decades of extensive martial arts training, TAIFU had mastered Japanese, Chinese, Philippine Thai and modern westerner martial arts.

2001 was the year when TAIFU was closing cycle of ten years yearly journey to Japan and China for martial arts study,TAIFU also studied traditional arts such "shufa"-Chinese Calligraphy ("shodo"-called in Japan) Bansai making(miniature trees), and Japanese language in the university.

Through his profound studies of the traditional and modern martial arts, TAIFU became an active member of some of the most prestigious Dojos and schools in the world among which, Kenshu Kan Honbu Dojo in Japan, Bujinkan Honbu Dojo in Japan, the Kodokan Dojo in Japan and the Shaolin temple in China where TAIFU was accepted as one of the only foreigners worldwide to train with the Shaolin warrior monks inside the oldest temple in Honan province.

"Taifu" performing
"chao tian deng"-step to the sky.
one of the 18 techniques from the
ancient "tong zi gong" scroll that
was thought by Da-Mo

Studies also brought him together with world famous grandmasters and masters in Japan and China among which: "Soke" Dan Zaki Tomoaki(9th dan age 96)head of muso shin den ryu Iaido(Iaijutsu) and one of the founders of the Zen Nihon Iaido Renmei(all japan iaido federation)his teacher was the famous Nakayama Hakudo Hiromichi sensei who was the founder of muso shin den ryu and formal teacher of Japan emperor , "Soke" Massaki Hatsumi the most famous Ninjutsu master in the world ,Shaolin 34th generation warrior monk Shi Yan Sheng who lives in the temple for 22 years and with Shaolin 34th generation warrior monk Shi Yan Ting who is the leader of shaolin "wheel of life" show, that runs now for 6 years already in the world tour, (shi yan ting himself lived 20 years inside the temple), "Sifu" An Ming Chen master for northern kung fu styles such as fanzi chuan, ditan chuan and chou jua chuan, his master is also associate with the shaolin temple in honan province.
TAIFU also studied as a personal student under Ono Morinaga Sensei(8th dan age 83) for Iaido and with Erem Tsabar the head master IMAO for Japanese, Chinese and Filipinos Martial arts,also studied judo with Takagi sensei(7th Dan)from kodokan his father was a top student of Jigoro Kano founder of the kodokan,Taifu also studied with other famous Israeli teachers

TAIFU remarkable achievements awarded him a world record award in the
Guinness Book of Records 2001 as the 1st Israeli with utmost Black belt degrees in varied Martial Arts fields in the country.

· 3 times all Israeli, full contact, middle weight champion.
· 6th degree Black Belt in Ninjutsu, from the grand master Massaki Hatsumi, Japan.
· 6th degree Black Belt in Kobu-Jutsu from IMAO.
· 4th degree Black Belt in Muso Shin Den Ryu Iai from Ono Morinaga Senesei Kenshu-Kan Hombu Dojo.
· 3rd degree Black Belt in Jujutsu from IMAO.
· 3rd degree Black Belt in the tough Israeli, full contact, survival art of Hisardut.
· 3rd degree Black Belt in Iaido from ZNKR (All Japanese Kendo Federation.
· A Black Belt in Judo from Kodokan, Japan.
· An Israel Defense Force military instructor of Krav-Maga (the Israeli unarmed/face to face combat system).

"Taifu" Teaching Shaolin Kung Fu in Israel

"Taifu" in "gun bu dao sho jie"
(sword hand cut in bow stance)

"After teaching mainly Japanese martial art for the past 16 years as a way of life and for a living, I decided to start teach Shaolin kung fu here in Israel. it was a year after coming back from the Shaolin temple that I decided to do so. I knew then and I know now, that it is a hard task to do. In the temple we practice everyday the whole day (8 hours a day), so how can an average trainee of the martial art can progress in the art, when we don't have the condition of a temple and student have to go to school, army, university or work. Then ,I remember how I trained during the past 18 years before coming to the temple ,how I trained all the time since the minute I woke up, I dreamed ,eat ,think and trained in the martial art. I used to go from one dojo(martial art school) to another every day, before competition in full contact I remembered, I could not sleep at night, the whole year before the day of the contest. I used to go to the beach in the middle of the night and trained until sunrise even though i trained the whole day already. I trained real hard all the time in all the fields I was reading, searching investigating trying to find more knowledge all the time. At the beginning it was hard to find material spacially about shaolin, there weren't many books and the internet wasn't exist, also not so many schools and good teachers were to find, then in 1991 I started to travel to Japan and China every year and I tried to learn as much as I could .So the message is clear in order to understand and to reach a good or high level of Shaolin chuan kung fu in particularly or any other martial art, one must spend many hours by himself together with the instructions of the teachings and train and drill ,each techniques thousands of time. This will develop your power, flexibility, endurance,chi, speed, balance and all the other basic body abilities and fitness. When it comes to techniques it's the same, after understanding the movement, practice it thousands of time with the correction of a teacher along the way,and you can reach your goals-becoming a warrior in the art of shaolin kung fu.

I remember one morning during training inside the secret yard in the temple , I was viewing my teacher, Shi Yan Sheng instructing some young novice(future monks) and letting them do the same 5 techniques in a series for a whole morning . Those kids were all very advanced already, but practiced silently for 3 hours, with out complaining or showing any dissatisfaction. They were very tiered, but try their best to progress .So you can all do the same, you might don't have the beauty and atmosphere of the temple but believe me, after an hour of dusty and sweaty training it all the same its hard and the authentic feeling that appear in the films and pictures gone with the wind .If you train hard, the view does not matter it's the inner spirit that should be develop inside yourself. That inner warrior fighting spirit can not be given to you as a present from your teacher, you should find that spirit behind the screen and you will reach it only with hard training and fighting.

Now in Israel there are some groups who study with me Shaolin chuan kung fu,for the past 3 years, some of the students start to understand that way of training and reaching a very good level and understanding.

I wish you all the very best of luck and happiness,
in your trainings and life" .

Yours "Taifu"


This site was created by "Taifu" Eyal Ophir and his disciples with the respect and honor to the Shaolin temple
"Song Shan Shaolin Suu"in Denfeng ,Honan province,China.The creation of this site is In order to promote
Shaolin Chuan Kung Fu in the state of Israel and friendship relationship between China and Israel.

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