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The Legend
By "Taifu" Eyal Ophir

Shaolin Temple Eentrance
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Some 1500 years ago (in 520 AD) a Buddhist monk from India by the name of Bohdidharma (Da-Mo in Chinese) was sent out to bring Buddhism to China and spread it across its land. After a long hard trip he arrived at the Shaolin temple at the feet of Songshan Mountains in Denfeng province of Honan region.

The temple was firstly built in the year of 495 AD during the reign of the Northern Wei dynasty (386-534) by the emperor Xiao Wen.The monks at the Shaolin temple translated scripts from Sanskrit to Chinese by the order of Xiao Wen .

Legend has it, that before joining the monks at the Shaolin temple, Bohdidharma climbed into a small cave that faced the sun at the feet of the five heart peaks,where he meditated for nine long years while facing the wall. As he meditated bohdidharma suffered from exhaustion and fatigue he therefore formed a series of exercises for strengthen his body.

Drawing of da mo-by-Taifu
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After he got out from the cave and went down to the Shaolin temple he found the monks week, ill and secular, As a fact of their long sitting and studying sutras.Bohdidharma decided to stay with the monks and started to teach them "Chan" meditation (Zen Buddhism), "chi gong" - breathing exercises and "tong zi gong" - 18th basic exercises Based on the ancient Indian yoga.

The Shaolin temple of that time was attacked and robbed over and over again.
The monks after a long hard training were able to fight back and to defend their temple with the fighting skills based, on the physical and spiritual teaching of Da Mo. The Shaolin monks continue to exercise after the death of Bohdidharma and trained their body and mind from sunrise to sunset.

The martial art of Shaolin became famous in China and later on throughout the world while many various styles developed inside and outside the temple.The temple of Shaolin, although destroyed many times over the years, still stands today and upholds its proud tradition and hard training methods as ever before.

Students of kung -fu(gong-fu in mandarin) develop very high physical skills such as maximum flexibility, acrobatic skills, posture, balance coordination, Chi (inner energy), power, endurance, quickness, swiftness, lightness, concentration, bare hands and weaponry fighting skills, inner peace, self-control and love for others and for nature.
In all the 1500 years of an ancient tradition of the shaolin temple the monks fight for humanity truthfulness compassionate and rightness that were their most important fundamental rules and belief.

This site was created by "Taifu" Eyal Ophir and his disciples with the respect and honor to the
Shaolin temple "Song Shan Shaolin Suu"in Denfeng ,Honan province,China.The creation of
this site is In order to promote
Shaolin Chuan Kung Fu in the state of Israel
and friendship relationship between China and Israel

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